Dicovit D drops

Food supplement of Vitamin D₃


  • Containing 400 IU of Vitamin D₃ in 5 drops
  • It does not contain gluten



Food supplement of Vitamin D3, recommended in case of increased requirements or low dietary intake. Vitamin D leads to a correct bone mineralization and supports the immune system.


Pack size: bottle containing 7,5 ml.

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It is advisable to take 5 drops per day (equal to 400 IU of Vitamin D3). Drops can be dissolved in water or other liquid. For a correct use follow doctor’s recommendation. Shake well before the use.



Corn oil, DL-alpha-tocopherile acetate (vitamin E), stabiliser: silicium dioxide, cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), antioxidant: L-ascorbil palmitate. It does not contain gluten.
Nutritional information
Average contents Per dose (5 drops) %NRVs* per dose
Vitamin D3 10 μg (400 IU) 200%
Vitamin E 4 mg 33,3%


*NRVs: Nutrient reference values according to Reg. (UE) n.1169/2011.