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The present cookie policy of the website shows the different kind of cookies that could be used during your visit to our website or while using an app or any other online services presenting a link to this policy. Using the website or accessing it, the user accepts our use of cookies and other tracking technologies as showed below.




Cookies are pieces of text file saved on user’s computer or mobile device who visits websites. They can be considered as a standard function of the main browsers and their goal is to improve the efficiency of websites and provide websites’ owners with information about the surfing experience of users. Thanks to cookies use, when the user visits twice the same website, the browser transmits previously saved cookies, letting it recognize him and remember useful actions and information to improve the Internet experience of the user. For example, cookies remember preferences of the user saved previously on the website, such as the display setting or the modification about language settings).

Even though cookies have several precious functions, some users prefer to disable them or limit their use from the visited website. Several browsers consent to manage cookies as desired through their settings. For example, some browsers let the user set rules for managing cookies for each website, making possible to disable cookies for websites he/she do not trust. Further information and details about how to manage and disable them can be found on and/or

ATTENTION: if cookies are disabled for the website Dicofarm, the web surfing experience could be affected and some functions could not work as desired.




 As many famous modern website, also this website use different kind of cookies to work in the right way. Based on the interaction with us, and its services providers could save on the user’s browser some or all kind of cookies listed below.

 Further information on available options regarding the use of cookies and other tracking technologies can be found in the section below “How can I manage cookies?


  1. Technical cookies:  they are essential for making website work as planned. They let our visitors do things like surf the website, use its necessary services and access the main functions. Without essential cookies, the experience of the website would not be fluent and enjoying and website could not provide for some pages or some contents, services and related functionalities required by the user.

Elaboration and security cookies: they are two examples of essential cookies that could be used by the website. The former let the website work, supporting and/or providing some services expected by our user, such as the possibility to surf among the pages of the website or access reserved parts of it. The latter verify and control the website to protect it and its visitors, helping to authenticate users, to prevent fraudulent use of access credentials and to protect data privacy of users.

  1. Personalisation cookies: this kind of cookie is used to remember us some information about choices and preferences and about surfing behaviour of the user, letting us improve his experience on the website. Personalisation cookies let us personalise better the visits to the website for users, for example remembering the country, language and video settings. Many functionalities of the website should stay operative even without the authorisation of personalisation cookies. However, users experience could be affected in terms of convenience and they could be forced to set again different preferences during each visit.

Our personalisation cookies can store information, such as language and country so that we can show options and appropriate contents for user at the next visit. For example remembering the language and country of the user, the website can present local articles or date and deadlines concerning events in his area in the chosen language. Personalisation cookies also remember video and audio settings (for example dimension of text and characters, resolution of the screen, etc.), the website he was in, the sequence of pages visited and other details concerning surfing behaviour and/or his preferences for the look and the functionalities of the website.  All this help us to control and improve the website, to personalize the surfing experience and to incentivize further visits from the user.

  1. Analytical and Performance cookies: these cookies collect information about the use and interactions with the website, letting us to control and improve its operation. For example, they help us to understand which pages of website are visited more frequently, to discover which difficulties can be met by users during surfing, to determine if our advertising are efficient or not and to improve the contents of the website for our advertising partners. In other words, they let us identify patterns of the website, analyse the number of visits and understand the way users interact with the website.

 Be aware: sometimes we could involve also some of our partners to understand better the interaction of user with website, letting them collocate analytical and performance cookies in our name. For example, the website could use tools like Google Analytics to collect information such as the number of visitors, the number of visited pages and the country of our visitors. We could also use Adobe Analytics to collect information that can help us to control using patterns of the website and to evaluate the efficiency of our marketing campaign.

  1. Flash cookies: flash cookies are known also as Local Shared Objects or “LSO” and are used to personalize user’s visits saving his preferences and showing or not some contents, basing on what is visited on our website. Flash cookies differ from browser’s ones for dimension and the king of data and for the way the latter are stored. Managing tools of browser cookies cannot remove flash cookies. To know how to manage settings of privacy and saving flash cookies, it is possible to read instruction provided by Adobe:




Cookies can be saved on your system by Dicofarm as manager of the website or by other parties, different from Dicofarm, called cookies of third parties: some cookies present on our website are not linked to Dicofarm. When you visit a page with content from DoubleClick of Google, or, these providers could save some cookies on your system. This way, they know that a user visited a specific website and share information with other entities such as advertisers. Functionalities are provided by third parties are often linked to tracking cookies or advertising cookies.

 We do not control the use of these cookies and we cannot access them. Just third parties can do it because of the mechanism of their working. For further information about these cookies, you can visit the websites.

 If you want to exclude the storage of tracking and advertising cookies, visit:





It is possible to accept or refuse cookies of the website in any moment through the setting of the browser. Information about the procedure to follow to able or disable cookies can be found on website of browser producers (you can access using the guide of the browser) or on for the most common browsers.

 Be aware: disabling cookies, some functionalities of the website could not work as desired.

 If you want to remove all cookies left by visited website, you can follow the link below to download some programs specifically projected to remove tracking cookies: and




Sometimes we could update the present policy to adequate it to news concerning technologies, rules or internal operative modifications or simply because it is appropriate or necessary. These modifications will be in force when the policy is updated and available on the website. We advise to verify frequently the date of the last update below to the policy to know when the last update is dated and to be aware of the consequences of the interaction with the website.




In case of further questions, it is possible to contact us by email, writing to or using the contact form.