Formulat Pre-1

Formulat Pre-1

Post-discharge formula for newborns weighing between 2500 and 3500 g (5.5 and 7.7 lb) or as a natural extension of Formulat 0 for a rapid regain of the correct growth percentile


  • With Betapol®
  • With LC-PUFA and cholesterol
  • With HMO



Formulat Pre-1 liquid is a complete infant formula for dietary management of premature babies and/or infants with birth weight between 2500 and 3500 g (5.5 and 7.1 lb), in order to ensure a balanced weight regain.

The product can be used as unique source of food from birth. Use it under medical control.


Pack size: cluster of 3 tetra bricks containing 200 ml each.

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Shake the tetra brick well before opening and then pour the content into a sterilized baby bottle. Warm up to 37° C and administer it.



Water, skim milk, maltodextrin, vegetable oils and fats [structured vegetable oil (Betapol®: structured triglyceride), rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, oil extracted from Mortiella alpina, sunflower oil high oleic], lactose, whey protein concentrate (milk), cream milk, fructooligosaccharides, emulsifier: citric acid esters of mono and diglycerides, minerals (tricalcium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium dihydroxide, sodium phosphate, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium hydroxide, ferrous sulfate, sodium chloride, zinc sulfate, sodium selenite, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, magnesium carbonate), 2’ fucosyllactose, taurine, inositol, L-carnitine, fish oil, vitamins (ascorbic acid, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D, panthotenic acid, niacin, biotin, folic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin K, vitamin B6), antioxidants (rapeseed lecithin, natural mixed tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate), choline chloride, nucleotides (Cytidine 5′ monophosphate disodium salt, Adenosine 5′ monophosphate free acid, Uridine 5′ monophosphate disodium salt, Guanosine 5′ monophosphate disodium salt, Inosine 5′ monophosphate disodium salt).
Nutritional value
per 100 ml
Energetic Value 316 KJ/75 Kcal
Fat 3,8 g
of which saturated 1,3 g
of which monounsaturated 1,8 g
of which polyunsaturated 0,5 g
Linoleic acid 470 mg
α -linolenic acid 45 mg
ARA 18,8 mg
DHA 15,8 mg
Carbohydrates 8,3 g
of which sugars 4,5 g
of which maltodextrin 4,2 g
of which lactose 4,1 g
Fructooligosaccharides 0,3 g
2′-fucosyllactose 0,12 g
Proteins 1,8 g
Wheyproteins/Casein 60/40
Salt 0,07 g
Sodium 26 mg
Calcium 90 mg
Copper 60 μg
Iron 1,35 mg
Potassium 72 mg
Magnesium 6 mg
Manganese 8 μg
Phosphorous 50 mg
Zinc 1,1 mg
Chloride 55 mg
Fluoride 38 μg
Iodium 26 μg
Selenium 4,5 μg
Vitamin A 150 μg-RE
Vitamin E 3,6 mg α-TE
Vitamin C 11 mg
Vitamin B1 120 μg
Vitamin B2 150 μg
Niacine 1 mg
Pantothenic acid 0,7 mg
Vitamin B6 80 μg
Biotine 3 μg
Folate 37,5 μg
Vitamin B12 0,35 μg
Vitamin D 2,5 μg
Vitamin K 9 μg
Choline 18,8 mg
Inositol 13,5 mg
Taurine 5,6 mg
L-carnitine 1,4 mg
Nucleotides 3,2 mg
Osmolarity 218 Osm/L